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I did not just hear what I thought I did. She did not just tell me that I should dance with other women so that she could dance with other men. Did she not know that something like that would make me murderously angry? I was more likely to kill every man here than to let them touch her. What the hell was she thinking?

"It will be fine Reece. I will dance with four or five of them while you do the same with the women. It's diplomatic, and what we should be doing." She whispered into my ear again.

"Except we're supposed to be on vacation and not working." I growled back to her in a whisper.

"I don't think that a royal could ever truly be on vacation. I am sorry Reece, please bear with it for just a little bit."

She leaned up and kissed my cheek quickly before turning back to the man who had asked her to dance.

"I would love to, thank you."

As I watched, another man just danced away with my mate. He spun and twirled away with her like he was trying to reenact some stupid scene from a movie; only to him that was how they really danced here. This was bullshit.

"Hello there, King Reece. Might I have this dance since you are free." A woman asked me, and I said yes without even looking at her. I glanced at her from time to time, that was about it. Other than what was necessary to make sure I followed the steps I didn't even look at the woman I was dancing with. I saw that she had bubblegum pink hair and her dress was the color of cotton candy, that was it. I didn't notice anything else aside from that.

When that dance was over, I watched as that asshat who danced with my wife took her hand and kissed the back of it like he was a suitor vying for her hand. I was going to kill him. But she was immediately being courted by another dipshit, and I had to watch to make sure he didn't try anything with her.

The next woman that danced with me had hair so bright orange that I thought it was made from a construction worker's vest or something. That was all that I saw of her. I didn't notice the color of her dress; hell I wouldn't have even noticed if she was fucking naked! I was too pissed off about the men trying to steal my mate from me.

This happened again, and again, and again until she had danced five songs with five different desperate assholes. Finally, it was the time when I could tell the bimbo squad that was following me around that I was done with them.

"I apologize ladies, but I am going to have a seat with my wife." There were no groans that came from them; there was just a low sigh.

"Yeah, we know. We were just happy that we could get a few dances in. You are a devoted husband, we know that. However, you are a catch so we just wanted to be able to brag that we danced with you." That had been the bubblegum girl. I think I danced with her twice. "Have fun with your mate." She called out and giggled as she and the others hurried away.

I caught Trinity around the waist and pul

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