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Chapter 989: Meeting Plan with Fu Hanzheng

Seeing that she still did not want to talk about the past, Jolin did not ask.

“I don’t care. If Boss starts to pursue the matter and you can’t keep me safe, you won’t be able to find such a capable assistant.”

“Got it, I promise that he won’t touch a single strand of your hair,” Gu Weiwei said confidently.

Jolin patted his chest and felt relieved.

“But I am afraid that you and Anthony Gustav will make the headlines tomorrow.”

After all, a famous member of European royalty and a Movie Queen in Hua Land would definitely attract attention.

Therefore, even if they wanted to suppress the news, they could not.

“Forget it, let them post it, it is not real anyway,” Gu Weiwei said tiredly.

When she was with Fu Hanzheng, there was nothing else apart from the occasional gossip about her and Fu Shiyi.

After Sleepless, she stayed silent for a while. Now that there was such a big piece of news, the media would not let it go so easily.

Also, it was not worth spending money to press down such unrealistic news.

“It is true that you are not together, but it is true that Anthony Gustav is courting you,” Yuan Meng said.

Her relationship with Fu Hanzheng had never been exposed. Now that such a handsome and charming Swedish Prince was courting her, her fans and netizens must be looking forward to her marrying into the royal family.

After all, not everyone had such an honor.

Hearing her words, Gu Weiwei glared at the driver.

“What did you teach him?”

Anthony Gustav was not like this before, although what he was doing now was useless to her.

But the people around them would think that she was pretending to be noble when even a member of the royal family was trying to court her.

This month, Gu Siting came to her and caused her to cancel the wedding and get divorced.

Now Qin Lv and Anthony Gustav were wandering around her in different ways, and Fu Hanzheng was going to get jealous.

She had been very busy with work these days and now she had to deal with a bunch of men.

Yuan Meng shrank her neck guiltily and stayed silent.

She had no idea that the Swedish Prince was so devoted. He had been rejected by her so many times and yet he still chased her all the way to Hua Land.

Ignoring her, Gu Weiwei said to Jolin, “Have you made the arrangements for the day after tomorrow?”

The day after tomorrow, she was going to meet Fu Hanzheng.

Before Jolin said anything, Yuan Meng smiled sinisterly.

“The room has been opened in someone else’s name, disguise yourself after the event and Fu Hanzheng will come to you.”

“Room?” Gu Weiwei raised her eyebrows.

“Of course, where else are you going to meet? You two will attract attention wherever you go, so I thought it better to get you a room. You can do whatever you want,” Yuan Meng said.

Jolin explained after Yuan Meng finished speaking.

“If you don’t

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