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jcglobalforex > My Disciples Are All Villains > Chapter 893 - The Third Birth Chart’s Fire Control Ability
Lu Zhou was puzzled by the series of notifications.

"The supreme mystic power?"

He had obtained six scrolls including the Human Scroll and the Earth Scroll. During the process, he had also obtained many Open Heavenly Writing Scrolls. Obtaining an Open Heavenly Writing Scroll was equivalent to unlocking new powers. This time, his meditation had gained him a privilege from the Heavenly Writing.


"Ding! Used the privilege from the Heavenly Writing. The extraordinary power had been upgraded to the supreme mystic power."

Following that, Lu Zhou felt that all the cooling sensation of vitality energy stimulating his mind, his extraordinary meridians, and his sea of Qi. From the surface of his skin to the inside of his body, he felt as though he had been gently electrocuted, causing him to feel numb all over. The hair on his skin stood on ends. Apart from that, his mind was stimulated to an unprecedented level.

When his mental state finally stabilized, he discovered his extraordinary power had been replaced with the supreme mystic power.

The extraordinary power was exaggerated as it was; how insanely powerful would the supreme mystic power be?

In the beginning, there was the path. The path was pure, leading to all kinds of wonders and mysteries.

Rather than blindly speculating, it was better to test it out.

Lu Zhou opened his hand, and it glowed with a blue light.

"Blue?" It was still blue, but the supreme mystic power was a clearer and deeper blue compared to the extraordinary power. It shone even more dazzlingly than before.

"So this is the supreme mystic power? I wonder how powerful it is..."

Lu Zhou looked around. There was no way he could use the buildings in the Sky Martial Court to test the strength of the supreme mystic power. He did not want to move to another place; he liked this place. It was spacious and comfortable and there were not many people around. Moreover, the building would not be able to provide him with an accurate gauge of his new power.

"Forget it. I'll test it out when I have the chance." It was rather difficult to test his power without a Thousand Realms Whirling cultivator around.

Previously, the extraordinary power allowed him to defeat Nascent Divinity Tribulation Realm cultivators when he was in the Divine Court Realm. However, after sprouting the ninth and tenth leaf, the extraordinary power was no longer as exaggerated as before. After using it against the coffin and armor with red runes, he confirmed the extraordinary power was stronger than that of a Nine-leaf cultivator. With his current cultivation base, half of the extraordinary power could only put a dent in the astrolabe of a Five Chart Thousand Realms Whirling avatar. It would only cause the astrolabe to dim briefly, leaving no lasting damage. Would the supreme mystic power be able to damage an astrolabe?

After a moment, Lu Zhou clenched his hand, dispersing the supreme mystic power where he h

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