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Chapter 2340, He’s Dead

Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Shi Cang Ying’s bloodstained hand was now placed over Du Xian’s head.

Ye Jing Han and Du Xian grew up as childhood sweethearts, cultivating together and growing up with strong affection for each other. They had long ago taken the other as their other half, but they had yet to reach the peak of their Martial Dao, so they had decided it was not yet time for them to marry.

The two had secretly agreed that when the both of them reached the Emperor Realm, Du Xian would ask for her hand in marriage from Ye Hen.

They believed that Ye Hen definitely wouldn’t refuse when the time came.

Never would Ye Jing Han have expected that day would never come as right now, before her eyes, her lover was going to be killed.

“No, Martial Uncle Shi! Please don’t!” Ye Jing Han’s body went limp and she toppled directly onto the floor, pleading.

But Shi Cang Ying’s face was cold and unmoved, “We can settle things simply if you just deactivate the Array.”

Ye Jing Han instantly fell out of sorts. Deactivating the Array would expose Thousand Leaves Sect’s greatest secret to their enemies and leave it open for them to probe into, but if she refused, from Shi Cang Ying’s ruthless display earlier, Du Xian would certainly die.

She simply did not know what to choose.

“Just ignore him, Ye’er. This old dog has lost his mind!” Du Xian suddenly shouted, “They will not let us go even if you remove the Array. Senior Brother will depart first but you have to stay well. I will not let you down in the next life!”

As he finished speaking, the Source Qi in his body surged up violently and reached a level that even he could not control in just a moment.

“Hmph!” Shi Cang Ying coldly snorted and reached out to slap Du Xian heavily on the shoulder. The raging Source Qi was instantly doused down and went back to normal.

Du Xian was dumbfounded. Seeing that he couldn’t even self-destruct in this situation, he had completely become a fish on someone else’s chopping block.

Ye Jing Han was also taken aback. She couldn’t be any clearer about what Du Xian was trying to do earlier, but when she saw Shi Cang Ying seal Du Xian’s cultivation, she actually felt a little thankful to this traitor. If he had not done so in time, Du Xian would definitely have exploded before her eyes, and Ye Jing Han would not be able to bear such a result.

This change of events had completely shattered Ye Jing Han’s psyche. Even though she knew that things would not end well if she were to dispel the Array, she still held a glimmer of hope in her heart. Looking teary-eyed towards Shi Cang Ying, she pleaded, “Martial Uncle, I can remove the Array; however… you have to let them go. They are not part of our Thousand Leaves Sect. This matter has nothing to do with them!”

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